Enzyme Peeling

What is it
Enzyme Peeling efficiently removes dead skin cells and mildly cleans the pores without damaging or irritating the skin. Has a calming effect and stimulates cell-division in the skin. Enzyme Peeling is a biological swelling peeling that is specialized in protein-division by the means of a fruit enzyme (bromelain), and are ideal for treatment of skin with problems as well as skin with bad circulation and condition.

Key ingredients
Contains finely grinded algaes and silicates, which can be validated by the superior powderness. By adding a mildly buffered phosphate the enzyme is self activated when mixing water and enzyme peeling. Thereby it helps the skin to immediate reach the optimal ph value 5-7. The peeling is activated with warm water and vapour.

For professional use only. Mix app 6 gram (measure in the package) Enzyme Peeling with 10 ml water to a homogenous mass. Apply the mass evenly on well cleansed skin with a mask brush (avoid eye area). You may very well mix the peeling with a dose of a desincrustaion product to make a desincrustaion at the same time. Leave on during steam app 10-12 minutes. Make sure that the peeling is damp during the whole time. Remove with a damp, lukewarm towel.

Professional package: 250 ml pot

Solum diatomae
Sodium dihydrogenphosphate monohydrate
Corallina officinalis