3-STEP-KIT anti-age

This 3-step-kit anti-age contains a cleanser, refining toner and moisturiser that together strengthens the skin and reduces wrinkles and pigmentations. Cleansing Oil provides effective and gentle cleansing whilst maintaining moisture levels. AHA Lotion refines skin texture, binds moisture and rejuvenates your skin and Vitamin A Retinol Emulsion nourishes, smoothes the skin and enhances elasticity.

Instructions: Lather up one pump Cleansing Oil with abundant water between palms and massage onto the skin for one minute with circular motions. Use little oil and more water. Avoid the eye area. Rinse with tepid water. Spray the face with AHA Lotion and finish with Vitamin A Retinol Emulsion. Use morning and night.

Use the kit along with other products from Gilda Cosmetic.

This set contains
Cleansing Oil, 125 ml
AHA Lotion, 125 ml
Vitamin A Retinol Emulsion, 40 ml