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Brand Philosophy

Gilda Cosmetic offers a unique skin care range with highly potent products. The products help people look their best while actually improving skin and offers optimum skin health over time. We target people who are concerned about their appearance and want a healthy, fresh skin, free from problems with acne, age spots or other conditions. The cornerstone of the GILDA concept is a limited product line that can be combined to suit each of these specific skin types.How do we distinguish ourselves from many other products that are available in the market? All our products contain only ingredients with proven results and which complement each other.
We use a high degree of natural and skin identical, active ingredients. This allows the skin to more easily absorb vegetable oils, vitamins, antioxidants and other compounds from our products. Over the years we have produced and further developed the skin care products with continuously proven high quality results. We have built up a complete product line for total skin care. Gilda Cosmetic is a solid and innovative company and a very experienced and trustworthy partner to work with. Gilda Cosmetic stands for every day luxury.

Why Gilda?

Below you can read some of our corner stones which is your guarantee of a quality brand that provides long-term results.

The products contain a high degree of active ingredients so that optimum results can be achieved.
Gilda Liljeblad, founder of the skincare line, has 40 years of experience within the beauty industry. Gilda is today most involved in product development and quality assurance.
Exclusive distribution
Our retailers are trained as skin therapists. In our webshop skin therapists are happy to help you with recommendations.
The products are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. Our products are also suitable for men.
Microencapsulated vitamins
We work with a unique system of microencapsulated vitamins. The microcapsules ensure the freshness of our vitamins and they burst when applied to the skin making sure the full potency benefits your customer.
Fatty acids
The oils in our products contain fatty acids which are also found naturally in the skin and resembles the skin’s own building materials. It makes the skin more easily absorb the vegetable oils, vitamins, antioxidants and other compounds present in oils.
90-100% of the ingredients in our products comes from nature.
Not animal tested
We test our products on humans, not on animals. We have never either let a third party testing for us.

The Experts

Gilda Liljeblad
Founder and Owner
Gilda Liljeblad is the founder of Gilda Cosmetic. She is a business woman with a great passion for her profession and over 40 years of experience from the beauty industry. She has a Master Certificate in Beauty Therapy and diplomas from several University courses in Dermatology. She is one of the most well renowned skin therapists within Northern Europe and still active within the business, especially in product development.

Ron Koornstra
Director and Sales
Ron Koornstra is Gilda Liljeblad´s husband. He has been working with the company for several years. Ron holds a Master’s degree in International Management and he has extensive management experience with several different international companies. His main focus is on business development and international sales.
Ludwig Liljeblad
Operations Manager
Ludwig Liljeblad is Gilda Liljeblad´s oldest son. Ludwig holds a business degree and focuses on the day-to-day business. He started his professional career at Gilda Cosmetic and has acquired great experience within the field.

Gilda Story

Gilda Cosmetic has a proven and long history in high quality products for total skin care. Gilda Cosmetic is a family business founded in 1988 by Gilda Liljeblad in Gothenburg, Sweden. With her in-depth knowledge as a beauty therapist she wanted to develop high quality skin care products to really improve the quality and results of skin care treatments.Since Gilda was a child, her life mission has been to take care of people. She has always enjoyed giving and “tweaking and tinkering”. Initially she was thinking of becoming a doctor but chose her own path in the in the early 70’s, a time when beauty and glamor were not discussed in the news. She went to Vienna where she trained as an esthetician. Throughout that time, she was focused on taking care of others, make them feel and look better and to be happy with themselves.
Gilda operated several salons on her own, including the prestigious Salon Gripsholm at Hotel Park Avenue in Gothenburg, Sweden. But it was not easy to work as a skin therapist in a salon at that time. The skin care brands had a huge variety of different products and that often meant that you had to purchase expensive complete ranges to get the effect that you wanted. Gilda therefore wanted to develop a small skin care line with good, active ingredients. At that time she met a man who gave her just such an opportunity, to produce her own product series in his factory outside of Gothenburg. The journey from there was a long and tough path to walk but she managed it. Today, Gilda’s own skin care brand Gilda is sold in her three beauty schools and all over Sweden.
Over the years Gilda Cosmetic has produced and further developed her skin care products with continuously proven high quality results and we have built up a complete product line for total skin care.Today we are very ambitious to sell our skin care line internationally. If you are interested to become a distributor, we are looking for new partners to sell our products outside of Sweden. If you want to be a part of our history, consider becoming our distributor.